Monday, May 18, 2009

I Think Icky was Trying to Tea-bag Me.

One assumes that their pets have the same political affiliations as their owners. While it is true that Icky, my "male" chihuahua, is from Ohio I believed that he would vote for Obama, if *Proposition 8 hadn't passed, in the next election. But low and behold, this April 15th, I try to take an innocent photo of him sitting next to the refrigerator when he leaps into the air and attempts to "tea-bag" me. (I honestly didn't know he cared about taxes.)
Like most who auger to the right, Icky is in denial. Like most who auger to the right, he is neutered.

*If Proposition 8 hadn't passed dogs, cats, bunnies and hedgehogs would not only marry our daughters but be allowed to vote. Thank you, Carrie Prejean.

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Joe Rocco said...

I heard that Miss California's Daddy was actually Gay. Who knew? At first i kinda felt sorry for her, but as time wears on she's just really digging a deeper grave for herself. An "Anita Bryant-sized" grave.